Sunlink Energy continuously foucs on reliability and output, technical life time and life cycle costs for
         our customers. Roof and facades of warehouse, factory, workshop, amoung other industrial buildings
         sometimes can provide perfect conditions for solar PV installations with architectual beauties.


4.5KW roof mounting system in Australia


24*190W mono module
5KW grid inverter
One set of roof mounting system
System supplied and accomplished in 2010

3.6KW off-grid solar system in china


  • 18/pcs of 200W poly module
  • 4KW off-grid solar inverter
  • Flat cement mounting system
  • 96V 40A solar controller
  • 120M solar cable and connecter
  •  Located in china and accomplished in 2012 (customer match the battery)


    5KW commercial grid solar system
  • 20/pcs of 250W mono module
  • 5KW grid solar inverter
  • Tile roof mounting system
  • 200M solar cable and connecters
  • Located in Australia and supplied in 2011


100KW commercial solar system on factory roof in Germany
526/pcs of 190W mono supplied by Sunlink Energy in 2011


4KW grid solar system in U.K

  • 20/pcs of 200W poly module
  • 4KW grid inverter
  • Tile roof mounting system
  • 150M 4mm2 cable and connecter
  • Supplied and accomplished in 2010

4KW residential solar system in U.K


  • 16/pcs of 250W mono module
  • 4KW grid inverter
  • Tile roof mouning system
  • 150M solar cable and connecter
  • Located in U.K and supplied in 2010

4KW grid system for hotel-16/pcs of 250W mono module in 2012

            2.4KW solar system in Belgium


240W solar kit for boat
4/pcs of 60W poly (special frame fit to marine)